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People falling into black hole.

With regular updates, HOCKULT

brims with extraordinary ideas,

outrageous and engrossing material

and a twisted stream of consciousness.

Book cover - Heat haze, horned devil in silhouette. Symbolic hand gesture.
East European family - Poster
Hand holding face - poster
Cartoon Nazi skeleton - Poster.
Adult cartoon character - Poster

Complemented by

photos, illustrations, paintings

and a simple retro design,

HOCKULT will take you off the beaten track

and lead you into a world of the weirdly bizarre.

Surreal collage cut-outs.
Creepy male face.
Alien attacking human.

We would also like to remind our readers that all depictions are a work of fiction and fall within the realm of imagination and fantasy. Some content contains dark/adult themes and is intended for teen and up audiences.

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